[c-nsp] Central services VPNs

MKS rekordmeister at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 05:44:06 EST 2011

So I have a MPLS vpn question for the masterminds on this list;)

I have two central services VRFs, A and B and I need route leaking
(same import/export) between them to optimize traffic flow. The reason
I need two VRFs is that I have to specifiy a different default gw for
each VRF.
But the problem is that this setup eats up tcam space in the 6500 we
use, and doesn't scale then adding the third or forth VRF, then the
vrfs contain 10k routes.

Can this be done in a scaleale way (tcam) but still be able to
optimize traffic flow and support different default GWs


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