[c-nsp] ASR 1002 gigethernet with subinterface config question (stupid/simple?)

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Mon Dec 19 10:44:54 EST 2011

On 19/12/2011, at 4:23 PM, Roger Wiklund wrote:

> Hi,
> First time configuring an ASR. WAN link is GigE with 3 tagget VLANs.
> Port is UP/UP 1000-full with LX SFP. I know the link works because we
> moved it from a 6500 to this new router.
> I cannot ping myself, I cannot ping the other end, I see no attempts
> of ARP etc. I have tried moving config to main interface, tried
> removing VRFs etc. no go.
> Am I missing something here?

what does "show license" say?


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