[c-nsp] Cisco 2811 performance issue - dual(new) isp

Jmail Clist jmlist80 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:57:11 EST 2011


I have an issue that is really causing me grief. I recentely inherited a
small network. There is an existing 1.5mbps Internet connection (fa0/0)
(includes MPLS as well/same provider). We added a new ISP that allows for
50mb down/5mb up. I added the new ISP to fa0/1 and modified the NAT
overload statements accordingly. I alo changed the default route to ONLY
use the new, faster ISP connection. Using speedguide.net, I am only able to
get 6 to 10mb down, most of the time. if I plug a laptop into the cable
modem then I get 37 to 50mb down. Any idea why the 2811 is so slow? How
much download speed can I expect to get? Any assisstance would be very much

I have attached the config and various show outputs (nat, sh ver, memory,

Thank you,

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