[c-nsp] Cisco 2811 performance issue - dual(new) isp

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 19 22:44:46 EST 2011

I think61.44Mbps is the figure you're looking for (swapped first two digits). The throughput does drop when you do stuff like NAT, QoS, firewall features, etc but the figure given is with 64 byte packets, so they offset each other somewhat.

To the OP, all attachments are stripped from the mailing list so nobody saw any of them. While you're running your speed test do "sho proc cpu hist" and look to see if you're CPU is hitting limits (>90%). If it is then you face an issue with forwarding performance of the router, if not, then you need to look at other reason.


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According to
the router can handle up to 16.44 Mbps of fast / CEF switching. I was not
able to see your attachments in the digest nor in the archive. Do you have
CEF enabled?


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> Hello,
> I have an issue that is really causing me grief. I recentely inherited a
> small network. There is an existing 1.5mbps Internet connection (fa0/0)
> (includes MPLS as well/same provider). We added a new ISP that allows for
> 50mb down/5mb up. I added the new ISP to fa0/1 and modified the NAT
> overload statements accordingly. I alo changed the default route to ONLY
> use the new, faster ISP connection. Using speedguide.net, I am only able
> to
> get 6 to 10mb down, most of the time. if I plug a laptop into the cable
> modem then I get 37 to 50mb down. Any idea why the 2811 is so slow? How
> much download speed can I expect to get? Any assisstance would be very much
> appreciated.
> I have attached the config and various show outputs (nat, sh ver, memory,
> etc.).
> Thank you,
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