[c-nsp] OutDiscards (ME3600X)

Christian plymouth78 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 20 05:54:15 EST 2011

Unfortunately it seems that SPAN is not available in 151-2.EY:

(config)# monitor session 10 destination interface gigabitEthernet 0/10
(config)# monitor session 10 source interface gigabitEthernet 0/4 tx
(config)# do sh monitor session 10
 No SPAN configuration is present in the system for session [10].

How about 151-2.EY1a, is it available there?

2011/12/16 Christian <plymouth78 at googlemail.com>

> Nick(-2128),
> the configured queue-limit does really solve the issue. At least it solves
> the
> increasing counters shown via "show int count error".
> It would be good to know how big these queues/buffers are if the
> queue-limit
> isn't configured explicitely, what makes the difference here, why is it
> necessary? I tried to configure 5 classes, each with it's own queue-limit
> configured to this maximum value and switch accepts this.
> Sniffing at that switch with SPAN on those ports is a quite wise idea -
> just
> not that easy and fast to realize as it's a remote colocation in 700km
> distance.
> cheerio and slaps to those #networker ladies ;-)

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