[c-nsp] Vlans on an ASR9000

Brian Christopher Raaen mailing-lists at brianraaen.com
Wed Dec 21 15:43:45 EST 2011

I am currently working on replacing two 7200's and a 3750 switch with
an ASR9000 Router for a 10G upgrade.  Currently the 3750 is only
preforming layer2 functions and the two routers connect to it via
802.1q trunks.  The switch then hands off a 802.1q trunk to other
downstream switches.  I am unsure of how to configure the ports on the
ASR to allow me to put more than one port in a vlan.  I have tried
going through the different configuration guides and think that either
the would do something like the l2vpn set or the IRB setup listed in
the "Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router Interface and
Hardware Component Configuration Guide".  If I were using a 6500 or
7600 I know how I would set up the ports, however I am unsure how I
would do it in the ASR.  I am wondering about the best way to set this
up, or if I really shouldn't be using the 40 Port linecard for
switching/layer2 functions.  Thanks for any input and I'd really
appreciate any configuration snippets.

Brian Raaen
Network Architect
braaen at zcorum.com

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