[c-nsp] Vlans on an ASR9000

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Sat Dec 24 04:08:16 EST 2011

On Thursday, December 22, 2011 04:43:45 AM Brian Christopher 
Raaen wrote:

> I am currently working on replacing two 7200's and a 3750
> switch with an ASR9000 Router for a 10G upgrade. 
> Currently the 3750 is only preforming layer2 functions
> and the two routers connect to it via 802.1q trunks. 
> The switch then hands off a 802.1q trunk to other
> downstream switches.  I am unsure of how to configure
> the ports on the ASR to allow me to put more than one
> port in a vlan.  I have tried going through the
> different configuration guides and think that either the
> would do something like the l2vpn set or the IRB setup
> listed in the "Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation
> Services Router Interface and Hardware Component
> Configuration Guide".  If I were using a 6500 or 7600 I
> know how I would set up the ports, however I am unsure
> how I would do it in the ASR.  I am wondering about the
> best way to set this up, or if I really shouldn't be
> using the 40 Port linecard for switching/layer2
> functions.  Thanks for any input and I'd really
> appreciate any configuration snippets.

I'm assuming you your 7200's are providing the Layer 3 
services on individual 802.1Q sub-interfaces, right?

After you remove the 3750 from the mix, how will you 
terminate the switches that are downstream of it? Directly 
to the ASR9000?


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