[c-nsp] Cisco Nexus and HP Flexfabric

Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists lists at hojmark.org
Wed Dec 28 07:57:18 EST 2011

> Any experience on the operations side of things for the B22HP route?
> More specifically, feedback on how TAC (HP and Cisco) would look, day
> to day provisioning (risk to reloading an B22HP to the rest of the HP
> Blade?)...etc

Support (functionality, troubleshooting) for the fabric extender is
through Cisco TAC (via the N5K parent switch). If you need an RMA,
that's via HP (as the B22HP is an HP product).

If you reload the B22HP (or upgrade it from the parent N5K), the
Servers of cause lose connectivity on that fabric. Of cause, if you
run both types of traffic on the same network, it hurts to lose that
network... But few applications actually benefit from being able to
reach the storage when the network is down or vice versa. Plus, you
can build the level of redundancy that you want.

I think the biggest change may be software upgrades: LAN people often
try to keep relatively 'current' with software, while SAN people may
be used to installing something and then 'never' touch the software
version again.


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