[c-nsp] WS-C2970G-24TS as access switches

Anton Kapela tkapela at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 14:17:57 EST 2011

> Can anyone tell me if WS-C2970G-24TS practically bad and should be avoided
> at any cost?

If your use case includes any amount of shared access to iscsi,
smb/cifs, or nfs and could result in *any* amount of oversubscription
between hosts while then I'd suggest the 4948. Dual ac/dc ps,
replaceable fan module, $1100 to $1300 ebay style, but 48 copper gige
and 4 sfp, and active queue management (with deep enough buffers to
matter) ala "dynamic buffer limiting." 3x more than I see the 2970
going for, but about 10x the utility.


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