[c-nsp] How to see interface configuration after card failure on ASR9K

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Sat Dec 31 06:26:29 EST 2011

On Saturday, December 31, 2011 02:00:58 PM Koch, Andrew 

> That is not my experience with preconfigure.  If I have a
> MSC go missing, all of the interfaces associated with
> the line card become "interface preconfigure xxx" and
> will restore when the MSC does.  I have also seen the
> interfaces show a preconfigure state during a boot-up
> process where the MSC has not completed loading yet. 
> None of the interfaces seen in either of these cases
> were initially pre-configured before the MSC & PLIM were
> installed.

That would make sense in theory, as a fully serviceable line 
card in a CRS system is a combination of the PLIM + MSC/FP, 
which makes up a complete forwarding engine.

After all, no point of a PLIM if there's no MSC or FP to 
drive it.

> I am not sure if this is the same on the ASR9k, my only
> experience with IOS-XR is on the CRS.

My comments were based on the ASR9000. As you may know, this 
one is different from the CRS in that serviceable line cards 
are integrated components that handle both forwarding and 
physical connectivity.

The RP's only provide switch fabric connectivity between the 
different slots.

> I also am not
> certain what the state would be if only the PLIM is
> reported as missing.

Indeed, per my point above of having a PLIM + MSC/FP 
combination to form the entire line card.

> One thing to note, the names of the interfaces may be
> re-ordered by the additional word preconfigure.  You may
> need to look farther down the configuration than where
> the interfaces were previously listed (this can really
> make a mess of Rancid).

Yes, that's we also saw. 'preconfigure' interfaces appear at 
the bottom of the configuration.

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