[c-nsp] FW: Ring Proection - Catalyst Series

James Urwiller jurwiller at americanbb.com
Wed Aug 1 16:19:48 EDT 2012


I have a several-node 10GE ring that currently uses MSTP, with the
obvious caveats to using Spanning-tree I am trying to find another
faster/better ring protection mechanism.  I have read some recent
documents on cisco's REP, but I don't think most of my equipment
supports it.  Is there anything else besides deploying an optical
transport network to handle my ring-proection??


The ring is comprised of the following equipment:


2x Cisco 6509

1x Cisco 4900M

7x Cisco 4948-10GE

2x Brocade ICX6610


Im not to happy with the current Brocade equipment, so if it means I
have to put 4948's back in for something to work, I am game.  Thanks in



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