[c-nsp] remove spanning-tree without being service effecting

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Thu Aug 2 17:11:14 EDT 2012

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On 03/08/2012, at 2:24, "James Urwiller" <jurwiller at americanbb.com> wrote:

> I got clarification on his suggestion, and I will proceed with that. I
> am aware of the risks, the question was how do I mitigate those risks..
> your comment on leaving it alone doesn't help.  if you don't have
> anything good to say; then don't.  Im sure the forum doesn't need your
> attitude, I know I don't.

Stupid question, why do you actually want to disable spanning tree?

How do you plan on setting up redundant links?

How will you connect remotely to a switch and enable it when one goes down?

What happens when the broken link comes up again suddenly?


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