[c-nsp] Using BiDi XFPs

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 18:05:23 EDT 2012


Due to specifics of local fibre market we might end up using 10G BiDi
optics. Our SE told us that Cisco don't support any 10G BiDi
(officially), so we will have to use third party  ones.  I found
optospan XFPs (http://optospan.com/bidirectional-sfp-transceivers.php),
they claim that their XFPs don't require 'unsupported transceiver' or
'permit pid all' on interface to work. Anyone has any experience with
those optics?  Obviously supportability of devices with those XFP
remains another question, but effectively it halves cost of backhaul
for us, so it's still an attractive option.

kind regards

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