[c-nsp] GNS3 Multiple Instances

Walter Keen walter.keen at rainierconnect.net
Fri Aug 3 19:00:36 EDT 2012

I have not tried this, but I would imagine you could run multiple hypervisors (dynamips) on the same server or computer. 

If you goal is to have different seperated lab topologies not interacting with each other, my best guess would be 'maybe' but you would have to make sure you had no UDP port overlap in the settings of each one. 
You might also have to run each instance as a different user on the server. 

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Hi all , I know this is a Cisco forums but GNS3 is the simulation we mostly work on , I asked on GNS3 forums but did not find an answer 
I want to run multiple instances of GNS3 on the same server , is that doable? 


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