[c-nsp] ME3600X sends Multicast-Copies out of same Interface

Waris Sagheer (waris) waris at cisco.com
Tue Aug 7 06:22:31 EDT 2012

Hi Christian,
Can you tell me the software release?


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when IGMP-joining (ip igmp join-group) interface of ME3600X eg. a Loopback, while other interfaces on same ME are programmed to forward this group, copies are sent out of those  interfaces (every incoming Multicast packet for the group is sent out of the same interface twice).

Couldn't find bug for this behavior and don't want to spend too much time in TAC discussions to get told that the usage of such configurations is highly doubtful and a plattform limitation or that it's indeed a bug but gets lowest priority.

Maybe here is chance that just anyone can confirm this and Cisco gets aware of it.

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