[c-nsp] MPLS over GRE/IPSEC

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Aug 7 07:24:12 EDT 2012

What is the smallest Cisco device that can do 1Gbit/sec of MPLS over GRE 
over IPSEC?

On the LAN side, the device will need to do VLANS, IPv4 & IPv4, HSRP, 
multicast and possibly some basic QoS for VoIP prioritisation. On the 
WAN side, the device will need to tunnel MPLS L3VPN over GRE, then 
IPSec-protect the GRE traffic. Obviously it will need BGP/LDP. Physical 
interfaces will need to be 2x gigE, and the device will actually need to 
forward 1gig or very close to it.

The background here is that we have some remote sites we want to bring 
back into our MPLS L3VPN. We can obtain an IP connection with large MTU 
more cheaply than we can obtain an ethernet circuit, and we've been 
asked to price up some options.

Personally I think this architecture would be needlessly complex and 
likely more expensive, but I need to know what kit would be needed 
before I can price it up.

If anyone has any more general comments (e.g. "don't do it for reason 
X") I'd be interested to hear them.


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