[c-nsp] ASR9K RSP & fabric redundancy

Rutger Bevaart rutger at netnova.nl
Wed Aug 15 07:52:35 EDT 2012

Hello list,

I've run into a confusing topic - ASR9K fabric redundancy. We are using the RSP-4G and the non-oversubscribed 8-port 10GE linecards. Currently we are only using 4 of the 10GE interfaces in order to have full bandwidth fabric links when an RSP fails. I've checked the documentation I could find online to verify that the fabric looses half the capacity when an RSP fails but have been unable to find any proof of that actually happening.


figure 2-6 shows the fabric links from the linecards to the RSP switch fabric. If I interpret this correctly, a 8x10GE non-overbooked linecard will have 2 double-line rate fabric connections to both the active and standby RSP and all ports should stay at line rate when an RSP failure occurs.

Does anybody have any experience with fabric bandwidth when RSP failures occur, or when only one RSP is installed?



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