[c-nsp] mpls bgp forward

BALLA Attila atis at eik.bme.hu
Thu Aug 16 13:46:21 EDT 2012


   I would like to know if "mpls bgp forward" is supported on ISR G2 
platform, especially on Dialer interface. It was working in GNS3 with 
C7200, but in the real life it could be different.
   The goal is set up an MPLS/VPN on several ADSL CPE (this would be an ISR 
G2 router), I'd like to avoid the usage of any IGP between BRAS and ADSL 
CPE, so the remaining option is BGP.
   I didn't find any docu, if it is a supported model...
   Any hints are helpful.

BR, Attila

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