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  Thanks Tony - So from a config perspective, can you please provide an example?  i.e. From our existing (config) trunk port to carrier - What changes are needed?  which ports will need to be changed to dot1q-tunnel?
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802.1ad supports an arbitrary number of tags in the header (not limited to 2), so "in theory" it should work. There is obviously MTU considerations to be had (each extra VLAN tag adds another 4 bytes). What I don't know about is equipment support of it and whether this should pose any problems (again, in theory they shouldn't care, and have no need to look at anything after the first vlan header they are switching on). Why not just test it with a couple of extra switches yourself (to simulate your customers gear) and see what happens ?
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Hi Guys, We typically get QinQ links from our upstreams for p-t-p links between our POPs - Upstream carrier does the QinQ and we simply configure a trunk port to them and tag whatever vlans we need. (i.e. dont need to engage upstream for the vlans we want to use) We have a new POP, with our standard QinQ hand-off from carrier(p-t-p
 link to another POP)...but we have one of our customers is also requesting QinQ also between the two POPs(From us) - Is this possible? Each end of the link is our equipment (2960 and a 3560) which connects to carrier...each of these switches connect to the customers switches.....note our switches are only doing L2 (All L3 is done on 7200's) Cheers.                           
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