[c-nsp] ASR9K limitations

Chris Griffin cgriffin at ufl.edu
Fri Aug 17 08:41:06 EDT 2012

Fix is specifically in :

Reload SMU, SMU Pack1 for ASR9k NP, PRM and DRV fixes, Mandatory SMU

But yes, that tarball should have it as well.


On 08/17/2012 04:48 AM, tim wrote:
> On 05.07.2012 12:45 AM, Chris Griffin wrote:
>> There was actually a bug that caused this for many authentic Cisco CWDM
>> SFPs.  SMU coming for 4.2.1 sometime mid this month.  May help your issue.
> Don't known which SMU it is, but with the "4.2.1-Updated Tarball for
> ASR9K Recommended SMU's" of 05-AUG-2012
> (4.2.1_asr9k-p_REC_SMUS_2012-07-19.tar) the probleme is gone.
> Cheers,
> 	Tim
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