[c-nsp] OSPFv3 in VRF

Douglas C. Stephens stephens at ameslab.gov
Mon Aug 20 11:34:21 EDT 2012


I'm needing that feature, too.  It's frustrating that it seems to be missing in the
SY releases for Sup2T and the SX releases for Sup720.

I rang up our Cisco account rep a couple of months ago to get a release estimate on
that feature.  No new updated estimates since then.

At 04:37 AM 8/18/2012, Ian Henderson wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Does anyone have any updated news from Cisco on when OSPFv3 will be supported within a VRF (lite, no MPLS) on the Sup2T? The most recent info I can find is from April.
>- I.
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