[c-nsp] SFP high power alarm

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Aug 21 06:40:04 EDT 2012

On 21/08/12 11:13, marc williams wrote:
> 10 GIG cisco compatible SFP in a 3750-X switch.
> we started to see this error message after a fibre break and repair:
> %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te4/1/2: Tx power high alarm; Operating
> value:   0.6 dBm, Threshold value:   0.0 dBm
> Cant see how the TX power can go high? any ideas? Interface is up and
> working ok.

Lasers vary, between units and over time. And laser power sensors have 
limited precision.

What type of SFP is it?

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