[c-nsp] SFP high power alarm

Stephen Wilcox steve.wilcox at ixreach.com
Tue Aug 21 15:54:30 EDT 2012

Hi Marc,
 as Gert says they vary over time so this has occurred because either its
putting out more power or the sensor has it wrong. You should test it with
a light meter. It may go faulty, this could be a sign its on its way out.

So, its probably not going to do any damage to a receiving optic, max rx on
an LR SR1 type is 0.5 and you're going to lose something in any cabling
(you might want to check the specs on the actual optics you have tho in
case this is different).

The alarm on the tx tho means the optic is working outside its design spec.
There's a good chance its pulling more power from the switch and thats its
hotter than it should be. Probably not an issue, but you wouldnt want an
entire chassis full of hot  optics either..

My advice would be to replace it, hardware alarms do not bode well for the
device's future.


On 21 August 2012 11:13, marc williams <marcuk at me.com> wrote:

> 10 GIG cisco compatible SFP in a 3750-X switch.
> we started to see this error message after a fibre break and repair:
> %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_**VIOLATION: Te4/1/2: Tx power high alarm; Operating
> value:   0.6 dBm, Threshold value:   0.0 dBm
> Cant see how the TX power can go high? any ideas? Interface is up and
> working ok.
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> Marc
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