[c-nsp] catv network - qpsk - atm25

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Fri Aug 31 12:05:16 EDT 2012

My boss is asking me about reeng our catv network for various reasons. (swrd
replacement, do rfog for a different set box, much of which I don't
understand since it's very catv-speak..but I'm the ip eng that he needs to
speak to some of this below)


He is saying that one of the pieces of catv gear (qpsk demodulator) has an
ATM25 interface on it that might need to get backhauled into our video


Anybody know about carrying atm25 over an Ethernet/mpls/ip network?


I'm thinking AToM or something..  I'm seeing cisco 1400 or 2600 or 3600
support atm25 interfaces. (btw, the catv atm 25 int is rj45 with probably a
atm compliant underlying signaling, etc)


If I went via atm25 router into my mpls cloud I could l2/l3vpn that into my
video headend and probably be done with it.


Lemme know your thoughts plz




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