[c-nsp] ADSL-PORTAL service

Marco Marzetti marco at lamehost.it
Sat Jan 14 10:51:43 EST 2012


Instead of reject the sessions, to send out-of-credit users to a "captive portal" using RADIUS attribute 104 would be easy if your server has any sort of SQL backend.

Hope this help

john travolta <johnbesha at yahoo.com> ha scritto:

>Hi all,
>We want to provide a portal service for our broadband users (PPPOE), where they can check their balance, recharge their account and etc. we are using a cisco 7201 as BRAS, it is required that a user with no credit still be able to access this portal, right now the users are authenticated by a AAA server and the IP allocation is done by the AAA too, the problem is when the user has no credit will not be authenticated, will not get an IP address and will not be able to access the portal. what are the existing case scenarios to accomplish this.
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