[c-nsp] Firewall

Samir Abidali samir.abidali at gorannet.net
Tue Apr 2 03:43:50 EDT 2013

Dear Experts

I have been tasked to provide a spec for a firewall for our Server Farm, what is the think that I should look into when spec the firewall.

1.       I will have two kind of Server, internal and external accessed servers.

2.       The total traffic to those servers will not exceed the 1 Gbps.

3.       I need this server to provide VPN access to our internal employee as well.

4.       No redundancy is needed, or failover mechanism.

My question, in routers and switches, you design according to your switching requirement, but in firewalls how do you do that.

Thank you

Best Regards
Samir Abid Ali
Core Network Manager
Gorannet ISP
Office:053 5111 000 ext. 1032

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