[c-nsp] Utilize 7600 to backhaul TDM-based channelized DS3's

Rich Davies rich.davies at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 14:32:36 EDT 2013


We currently have 7609's deployed at both sides of this dark fiber and
running IP layer 3 in between with OSPF/BGP.  Due to some network changes I
am tasked with backhaul of channelized DS3 (TDM) circuits over this
existing scenario.    We are used to using optical transport/DWDM gear to
perform this DS3 backhaul function but in this situation we already have
two 7609's and was considering possibility of performing pseudowire AToM
for the TDM DS3's to keep the 7609 in place.

Does anyone have any suggestions in regards to required IOS versions, route
processors, or DS3 linecards that are capable of MPLS pseudowire that are
applicable for the Cisco 7609?



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