[c-nsp] OSPF admin distance not working on IOS-XR.

Lee Starnes lee.t.starnes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 06:42:13 EDT 2013


We are trying to change the administrative distance on one of the OSPF
neighbors of our router and no matter what it is set to, the value does not
seem to change.

#sh ip route x.x.0.102
Thu Apr  4 02:36:05.122

Routing entry for x.x.0.102/32
  Known via "ospf 12345", distance 110, metric 2, type intra area
  Installed Apr  4 02:14:55.059 for 00:21:10
  Routing Descriptor Blocks
    x.x.25.19, from x.x.0.102, via Bundle-Ether1
      Route metric is 2
    x.x.25.34, from x.x.0.102, via Bundle-Ether2
      Route metric is 2
  No advertising protos.

#sh route ospf | incl x.x.0.102
Thu Apr  4 03:31:36.554
O    x.x.0.102/32 [110/2] via x.x.25.34, 01:16:40, Bundle-Ether2

The issue here is that we are trying to avoid sending a majority of our
traffic through Bundle-Ether2 which it seems OSPF has decided is the best
Path. The 0.102 address is a loopback interface of a neighbor (6500b)
directly connected to Bundle-Ether1, where Bundle-Ether2 is connected to
6500a with less capacity on it's links. This is causing the links on
bundle2 to get saturated at peak times.


Configured XR router:

router ospf 12345
 log adjacency changes
distance 120 x.x.25.34

Is this a bug or am I going about this all wrong?

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