[c-nsp] SPAN on Nexus 5k

Виктор Моисеев vim at psu.ru
Mon Apr 8 02:46:21 EDT 2013

Yes. In that topology.

If you want to monitor 5k(A) source port to switch 5k(B) destination you
will need RemoteSPAN.

And AFAIK you can't do that through peer-link, you need separate trunk for


Your simple option is to use 5k(A) only.


Best option - make dual-homed connections via VPC and monitor VPC to two
separate dest ports on both NXs.



Best regards,

Victor Moiseev


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We tried to use the 5k(A) and it worked.  is the only way to get it working
on the 5k(B) is a remote SPAN?  Eventually the plan is to dual home the 4506
back to the 5k's but we currently can't do that.






On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 12:57 AM, Виктор Моисеев <vim at psu.ru> wrote:

We are using something like this on 5K.
We have some VPC to monitor on pair of 5Ks.

monitor session 1
  source interface port-channel1012 rx
  destination interface Ethernet1/40
  no shut

interface Ethernet1/40
  switchport monitor

Are you sure that vlan9 traffic actually flows through 5k(B)?
>From your picture I see 4506 single-homed to 5k(A) only.
If so, you might want to use RemoteSPAN.
If 4506 dual-homed to both NXs via VPC
you can monitor port-channels on both of N5K.

Best regards,
Victor Moiseev

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> I'm trying to setup a SPAN on a 5k and it's not working as I would have
> thought.
> Topology:
> Servers on vlan 9 connected to 4506E <-10g-> 5k(A) <-Peer Link-> 5k(B).
> I'm trying to setup a monitor session on 5k(B) that monitors vlan 9 but
> I'm
> not getting any traffic.
> Vlan 9 is allowed on all the trunks.
> Am I missing something here?
> Thanks
> Scott

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