[c-nsp] Solution for 'DR' Site

Sanjeev Maniks midoasis at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 15:27:27 EDT 2013


I am new to this list and wanted some guidance on a Cisco solution for the following requirement.

We have a client (bank) who have two sites - A and B - both located in difference towns.  A is the HQ and B is to be their Disaster Recovery (DR) site.  Client has requested for -

* Internet bandwidth (~ 20 Mbps) to be supplied to Site A, and if there is any failure there, this bandwidth is to be re-directed to B.

* The services to be hosted by the bank is basically their Internet Banking Platform (web-based) and mail.  The databases for both services will be replicated across A and B.  Client will handle this, but we will provide communication channel between A and B.

A and B are to be connected via fiber through intermediate IP-based routers.  (There is no MPLS.)

So my question is what is the best way of handling the failover for both their services ?  DNS changes ?  Is there anything better I can do with a Cisco product placed at A and B ?  I know Linux has a Virtual Server implementation and I see Cisco's ACE does something similar though I am not an expert with Cisco products.  And for the secure channel to enable the databases at the sites to synch up, should I be thinking of IPSEC ?

 One of our suppliers mentioned something about using HSRP or VRBP.  I am yet to do some research on that.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

 Thank you,


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