[c-nsp] EIGRP in CSC

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Tue Apr 9 06:45:47 EDT 2013


I guess the problem is you are trying to redistribute routes originated in
RIP from MP-BGP to EIGRP. 

My notes say:
In the case of non-EIGRP routes, redistributed to EIGRP in VRF, the PE
router generates an External EIGRP route by using the default EIGRP metric. 
If no default metric exists, then the PE router does not generate a route
toward the CE router. 
Same goes for EIGRP routes that originate within a different EIGRP AS. 


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Hi I designed a topology and configured OSPF between PE and carrier CE , and
RIPv2 between CE - CEAll is working fine , when I changed the routing
protocol on one of the sites to EIGRP I no longer can access this sitesIs
there any thing related to EIGRP when it's running as the CE - CE IGP ?

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