[c-nsp] Cisco Security Advisories and Survey

Clay Seaman-Kossmeyer ckossmey at cisco.com
Mon Apr 15 10:46:06 EDT 2013

Hello -

Clay Kossmeyer here from the Cisco PSIRT.

I'm reaching out to the Cisco user community with the hope that you can share your operational perspective regarding the usefulness of Cisco Security Advisories.

We've recently published a blog post that contains a link to a survey where we'd like to gather your input on how Cisco Security Advisories are working for you (the good, bad and ugly!) in your management of Cisco Software.

We've also updated Cisco Security Vulnerability Policy over the last several months, so I'll also invite you to review this document if you're so inclined:


The link to the blog post is here:


Thanks in advance,


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