[c-nsp] Cisco CRS-3 RP Message

Antonio Soares amsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Apr 16 12:50:38 EDT 2013

Hello group,

I want to clear one message that appears on the Active RP. The message is:


This happened after a conversion from Fixed Configuration DC Power System to
Modular Configuration DC Power System.

It seems there's something for the 12K (clear card-message) but not for the
CRS. The XR release is 4.1.1.

The message was generated when the CRS was powered off but it remained on
the RP LEDS.

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:CRS1#RP/0/RP0/CPU0:Apr 16 05:17:07.590 : envmon[201]:
%PLATFORM-ENVMON-4-CB_OFF_ALARM : MAJOR alarm - circuit breaker is OFF alarm
generated by Power Supply A



Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (R&S/SP)
amsoares at netcabo.pt

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