[c-nsp] Switchport trunk allowed issues

amir agha monitor64 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 17 07:08:08 EDT 2013

I am writing a EEM using Cisco ios cli, can anyone have valuable suggestion about how to materialize it. Following is the topic
Using following command on switch i.e
 switchport trunk allowed vlan <add/remove/all/except/none> <range>

However, if one forgets to include the <add/remove/all/except/none> keyword, the command defaults to replace:

switchport trunk allowed vlan <range>
the VLAN that has already been placed on vlan deleted and result in downtime

I would like to disable the use of: "switchport trunk allowed vlan <range>", 
and replace it with a custom EEM command like: 
	1. switchport trunk allowed vlan none.
	2. switchport trunk allowed vlan add <add> <range>
	3. switchport trunk allowed vlan add <remove> <range>
This would correct a dangerous IOS syntax.
Looking forward

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