[c-nsp] ASR1002-X vs ASR9001

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Thu Apr 25 05:47:45 EDT 2013

On 24/04/2013 23:11, Dan Brisson wrote:
> It only samples though, if I remember correctly.  You can configure 1:1,
> but you run the risk of overrunning it.

the asr9001 can cache up to 1m netflow entries, which is the same as larger
asr9k units and also the same as the sup2txl.  If you're shipping a
sufficiently large quantity of imix traffic that 1m cache entries isn't
enough, then sampling is probably going to be necessary anyway.

The default is 64k entries.  You can bump this up easily:

flow monitor-map fmm-mymap cache entries 1000000

On the asr1k, netflow cache entries are handled in DRAM and if you have
enough DRAM, you can theoretically configure up to 2m entries.  In
practice, this isn't going to handle imix traffic any better than the
asr9001 because 1) it's dram and 2) 2m cache entries for imix traffic would
allow for a lot of traffic - much more than you would probably want to
handle on an asr1k.


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