[c-nsp] ME3600X upgrade and multicast questions

Mike Poublon mpoublon at secantnet.net
Thu Apr 25 09:46:09 EDT 2013

First some background:

We've been running two ME3600X's (Version 12.2(52)EY3 - ancient I know) 
in our network at opposite ends of a metro Ethernet circuit to allow us 
to remap the provider's handoff VLAN tags to our own (when needed). We 
use one of the VLANs as a connection directly between two routers 
running OSPF. This worked for over a year with no special config outside 
what was listed in the online configuration guide. Early last week, 
however, the OSPF session dropped and wouldn't come back up. After some 
research, it appears this is probably related to one of the several 
known issues in the release guides (CSCtt03126) for multicast through 
EFP's. Here are the relevant parts of the config (I think):

no ip igmp snooping vlan 47

vlan 47

! Start Default small port buffer fix
class-map match-all COS_ZERO
  match cos  0

policy-map QUEUEFIX
  class COS_ZERO
     bandwidth 100
     queue-limit 3932 us
  class class-default
     queue-limit 3932 us
! End small port buffer fix

interface GigabitEthernet0/1
  description Metro Ethernet Handoff
  port-type nni
  switchport trunk allowed vlan none
  switchport mode trunk
  spanning-tree portfast trunk

  service instance 47 ethernet
   encapsulation dot1q 47
   rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric
   service-policy output QUEUEFIX
   bridge-domain 47

I've got a temporary workaround in place (GRE tunnel to turn the 
multicast into unicast directly between routers), but would like to get 
back to a "normal" config. My questions are:

1. Would upgrading to the latest IOS for the switch likely resolve this 
issue without further config modification? Any config issues likely to 
be seen by going to that version?

2. I see in the release notes that there are a few likely workarounds 
(again CSCtt03126) - Would MST (one of the suggested workarounds) on the 
3600X play nicely with a directly connected C3750X in rapid-pvst mode?

3. What is the going recomendation for stable/fewest bugs/etc on the IOS 
version? Latest and greatest?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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