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Nick Ryce nick at fluency.net.uk
Tue Apr 30 03:42:40 EDT 2013

Also have a look at this.  As Saku said, hopefully it will translate to
the X range.



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On 30/04/2013 07:01, "Victor Sudakov" <vas at mpeks.tomsk.su> wrote:

>I have enabled "mls qos" on some C3560X switches and configured
>"mls qos trust cos" on the trunk ports. Nothing more.
>In Wireshark I can see that some packets generated by the switches
>themselves have some non-default CoS values. E.g. OSPF hello packets
>and PIM messages have the cos value of 6 in the 802.1Q header, STP
>frames have the value of 7 etc etc.
>Why does this happen and where is it documented?
>I have read somewhere that IOS marks IP routing traffic to DSCP CS6.
>Is there some mapping between DSCP and CoS bits enabled by default?
>However, there can be no question of DSCP in STP frames.
>Where can I read what else is marked by default and how?
>Thanks in advance for any input.
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