[c-nsp] ASR9K 0 packet loss

Kordogiannis Themistoklis tkor at hol.net
Mon Feb 4 09:46:09 EST 2013

With 1st Generation RSPs (haven't checked RSP440 yet), one existing scenario where you would indeed have 
packet loss in such a "failure" is with oversubscribed cards (A9K-16T/8-B, 8 NPs, 2 10G ports / NP) 
where in order to achieve 120Gbps you NEED Both RSPs. If you remove one RSP then max achievable b/w 
per slot is (if I remember correctly) ~92Gbps, so not only instant packet loss but continuous until 
either you replace the card or drop traffic rate.

For some reason (space/cost ?) in order to be Line Rate you need dual RSP!


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> I've done a bit of testing and it's actually pretty good and I have
> seen
> zero packet loss, and never greater than 10ms for general IP/MPLS
> traffic.
>  It's a gross simplification but the RSPs work the way the ALU SR
> routers
> have for years where the fabrics are active/active always receiving
> traffic and there is stateful synchronization between RPs for routing
> protocols.  Back when I did the testing the only issue they had was
> with
> Phil
> On 2/4/13 6:40 AM, "William Jackson" <william.jackson at gibtele.com>
> wrote:
> >Hi all
> >
> >I have seen mentioned on marketing that you can pull out the RP from
> an
> >in production ASR9K and suffer no packet loss.
> >Is this the active RP?  Can somebody shed some light on this feature
> >please?
> >
> >Anyone tested this?
> >
> >Thank you
> >
> >
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