[c-nsp] End to end keepalive over QinQ provider

Ross Halliday ross.halliday at wtccommunications.ca
Mon Feb 4 18:16:05 EST 2013

On Monday, February 04, 2013 4:36 PM, Tom Hill wrote:
> On 04/02/13 21:15, Chris Evans wrote:
> > I'm running into a situation where I have a QinQ provider who doesn't do
> > BPDU tunneling for protocols like OAM, LACP, etc..  Besides using an EEM
> > script along with SLA, are there any other built in protocols that could
> be
> > utilized to determine L2 connectivity end to end?
> BFD?

I'd consider that more L3 since it ties into routing protocols. UDLD comes to mind but since it uses a "special" MAD I'm not sure if might get eaten by your provider. If there is L3 and you just want monitoring, IP SLA could work

> > I'm just using standard Catalyst gear for this.
> And which of those standards would that be? :)

Didn't you know? 1900 and 6509-E SUP2T are the same platform ;)


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