[c-nsp] 7600 Netflow

My Name denaccie at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 12:13:07 EST 2013

I am unable to find a good reference on the 7600 SUP720-3BXL in regards to
SSO and Netflow.
Recently I began seeing EARL_NETFLOW-SP-STDBY-4-TCAM_THRLD messages of 90%
and greater and was curious why the standby SUP was generating them. Full
interface Netflow is turned on.

Looking at the Netflow TCAM utilization on both the active and standby
SUPs, they were
"virtually identical"  (My cousin Vinny reference). Close, but they were
off by ~1% which could be a synchronization issue between the active and
standby or could also be that aggressive timing to age out flows are not
applied on the standby SUP. Real reason unknown to me?

So I have read information about "SSO-Aware Protocols and Applications "
and did not see Netflow listed, CEF forwarding information is synchronized
and related but NETFLOW is an accounting function summarizing the CEF

So, I am lost at the source of the messages and I am hoping someone on the
list can provide some insight?

hopefully, it is not a simple as a lmgtfy.com reference.

thanks in advance,


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