[c-nsp] FWSM Maintenance software - where to download from

Erik Sundberg ESundberg at nitelusa.com
Wed Feb 6 22:04:20 EST 2013

It's not the ASDM software... It's the underlying, I guess you can call it a BootROM  software on the blade. You have to reboot the blade in to the maintenance software to upgrade the IOS version on the Firewall Services Module.

FSWM Configuration Guide says
 You must use maintenance software Release 2.1(2) or later with the FWSM... I am currently at 1.1(2).

The advantage of upgrading through the maintenance software is there is two Partitions that you can run software from cf:4 and cf:5... It's like having two OS's on the same computer and choosing which one to boot. This comes in handy when your upgrading from  3.x code to 4.x code... Very easy roll back to the old software version.

I could be wrong with everything I just said.. Im learning about the FWSM today.

Still looking for the maintenance software... Think im going to call cisco TAC.



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On Wed, 6 Feb 2013, Erik Sundberg wrote:

> Where in cisco's download tool do you download the maintenance software for the Firewall Services Module?
> It's not listed under the FWSM Section under the following area
> Switches Campus LAN Switches - Core and Distribution Cisco Catalyst
> 6500 Series Switches Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch Cisco Catalyst 6500
> Series Firewall Services Module Firewall Services Module (FWSM)
> Software-4.1(11)
> Only the FWSM Image is located here...

Not sure what you mean by maintenance software.  Do you mean ASDM?

ASDM for FWSM is here:

If you mean something else, I'm not sure where you'd find it.  In that case, the best bet would be to check with the TAC or your account team.

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