[c-nsp] multicast group count in a vrf, value in snmp?

Sean Watkins sean.watkins at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 12:17:49 EST 2013


Sure someone else has had todo this --

I've got groups in a VRF -  want to monitor how many are there to start
with -


SomeBox#show ip mroute vrf SomeVRF count

IP Multicast Statistics

74 routes using 31344 bytes of memory

*36 *groups, 1.05 average sources per group

Forwarding Counts: Pkt Count/Pkts per second/

I'm looking for the 36 groups in some OID.

I poked around in some of the mibs, but there doesn't seem to be anything
todo this?  Anyone done this before?


Sean Watkins

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