[c-nsp] ip tcp adjust-mss

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Mon Feb 11 16:50:00 EST 2013

On (2013-02-11 12:58 -0800), Eric A Louie wrote:

> Ok, maybe I'm missing the obvious, but within my backbone, I can't just increase 
> the MTU across the Ethernet links.
>   <1500-9800>  MTU size in bytes
>  Much appreciated, Eric

This. Standardize your core to somewhere well above 9k, so you can
potentially offer customers 9k and still transport all overhead you need.

Typically 9178 Cisco IOS and 9192 Juniper JunOS. But it's not really a big
problem if physical MTU does not match, if you have reason to avoid that,
just make sure IP MTU (CLNS MTU, ipv6 MTU etc) match instead.


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