[c-nsp] ip tcp adjust-mss

Ge Moua moua0100 at umn.edu
Mon Feb 11 18:58:57 EST 2013

This comes in handy when one jams a bunch of headers together but then 
constraints payload size which would result in frag/defrag and may lead 
to decreased throughput/performance.

ex: use case I think of would be user facing before encaps into maybe 
something like gnarly like gre inside ipsec facing Internet (where MTU 
can not be controlled is likely to be assumed =< 1500 ).

Ge Moua
Univ of Minn Alumnus

On 02/11/2013 01:56 PM, Eric A Louie wrote:
> I just put in this command on my upstream interfaces to help my mpls network
> pass traffic - that is, my effort to eliminate fragmentation in my backbone.
> Is anyone else using this method of "mtu control"?  I need some support - my CEO
> is asking why I have to do this, and who else does it, and is it a common
> practice, etc, so I'm looking for evidence, more than just "The Cisco TAC told
> me to do it".
> thanks
>   Much appreciated, Eric
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