[c-nsp] Trace-route change path by changing the DNS.

Jeremy tech-lists at packet-labs.net
Thu Feb 14 17:59:52 EST 2013

On 2/14/2013 7:07 AM, zaid wrote:
> Hi
> Why is the trace-route results give you different path and hops when changing the DNS server for the same source/destination.
> any informative notes

The site to which you are running the traceroute may use a CDN with an 
IP geolocation mechanism.

So, for example, if you query a DNS server on the US East Coast, you'll 
likely be routed to a CDN cache server located somewhere in the Eastern 
US; likewise, if you change
the resolver you query to one in Japan, you are probably going to be 
routed to a CDN cache node either in or geographically close to Japan.


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