[c-nsp] ASA 8.4 NAT weirdness...

Mick O'Rourke mkorourke at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 12:18:21 EST 2013

My experience is similar, I'd never recommend and upgrade to anyone from
8.2 to 8.3+ as the upgrade scripts for larger configs are imho more pain
then they are worth. A once what felt an efficient and supportable
config becomes
the complete opposite. Do it in the lab prior and fix all the
upgrade script problems, or do a parallel migration ie. new hardware on
8.4+ when your refresh cycle comes around.

On Monday, 18 February 2013, Jeff Kell wrote:

> OK, now have ASA up on 8.4 software, and boy is it ever weird :)
> We do NAT extensively (all 1918 addressing inside).  For public-facing
> servers, primarily web servers, we made a habit of translating them into
> a public /24 network (say x.y.z.*).  The "firewall" atrributes for this
> was to simply permit http and https for x.y.z.*/24 inbound on the
> outside interface, and the rest took care of itself.
> Along comes 8.4... and it "includes" NAT with the network object
> definitions... and the "migration" effort did this:
> * Put all the static NATs back into the inside object definition,
> * Generated a "permit http" and a "permit https" for EVERY SINGLE SERVER
> we had in the subnet
> Our configuration increased by an order of magnitude :(  And it doesn't
> appear that explicitly adding the original permit into the list even
> works (it sits in the configuration above the generated individuals, but
> doesn't get any hits, they fall through to the generated mess).
> This is the most bizarre "update" I've ever seen :(
> Jeff
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