[c-nsp] FW: Cisco blade switch config

Matlock, Kenneth L KENNETH.MATLOCK at sclhs.net
Thu Feb 21 15:25:51 EST 2013

1) Is VLAN3 in STP forwarding state on Gi0/1, Gi0/2, and wherever the root port is?
2) Is VLAN3 defined on the device on the other end of Portchannel1?

Ken Matlock
Network Engineer
matlockk at exempla.org

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Corrected this. Now gi 0/1 - 3 show up/up.  My uplinks, gi  0/20 & 0/22 are also up/up.

I can now ping the root switch from this switch on VLAN 1  (10.10.0.x) and VLAN 2 (192.168.1.x), but NOT VLAN 3 (172.18.132.x). This occurs over an etherchannel link that includes these 3 vlans.

This is the case for both of my Cisco switches in this enclosure (redundant) talking back to my HP root. Checked the HP. The trunks are tagged for all of those vlans. From the HP, I can ping out to servers on all of those vlans without a hitch.


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On Thu, 2013-02-21 at 09:25 -0500, Kevin Berry wrote:
> Now, the show inter trunk:
> WHY is it that gi 0/1 & gi 0/2 are not here?  I have hosts in those 
> slots, powered on, and need to be on VLANs 1,2,3, 100.

Maybe they're down. The "operational mode" of "show interface Gi0/{1,2} switchport" should tell you what the port is like.


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