[c-nsp] bgp aggregate address

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Feb 28 10:16:21 EST 2013

Opps, misspoke about the "injected via igp (ospf)" statement.

Remote router (R1)
Router trying to do aggregate route on (R2)

R1 ------- mpls l3vpn ------- R2

So this is how R1 sends the route to R2.... R1 has redis connected within
the vrf context under bgp.

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On 28/02/13 13:38, Aaron wrote:
> No.  loopback connected network showed up in rib but not in bgp table.

Well.. then this is expected behaviour. BGP won't aggregate things unless
they're in BGP.

Presumably you are doing "redis ospf" (shudder) which is why the 2nd case
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