[c-nsp] EIGRP as IPV6 PE-CE

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Mon Jul 1 03:30:56 EDT 2013

Just verified on XR 4.2.3

router eigrp 123
 vrf test
  address-family ipv6 
  autonomous-system      Set the autonomous system of VRF
  clear                  Clear the uncommitted configuration
  commit                 Commit the configuration changes to running
  default-metric         Set metric of redistributed routes
  describe               Describe a command without taking real actions
  distance               Set distance for EIGRP routes
  do                     Run an exec command
  exit                   Exit from this submode
  interface              EIGRP interface configuration submode
  log-neighbor-changes   Enable/Disable EIGRP neighbor logging
  log-neighbor-warnings  Enable/Disable EIGRP neighbor warnings
  maximum-paths          Maximum paths
  maximum-prefix         Maximum number of IP prefixes acceptable in
  metric                 Modify EIGRP routing metrics and parameters
  neighbor               Neighbor prefix limits configuration
  no                     Negate a command or set its defaults
  nsf                    Address family specific NSF related configuration
  pwd                    Commands used to reach current submode
  redistribute           Redistribute another protocol
  root                   Exit to the global configuration mode
  route-policy           Configure inbound/outbound policies
  router-id              Set router ID
  show                   Show contents of configuration
  stub                   EIGRP stub
  timers                 Configure EIGRP timers
  variance               Control load balancing variance


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Still ipv6 vrf is not implemented on IOS (Someone wrote, Cisco already did
on IOS-XR line) ? 		 	   		  
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