[c-nsp] Finding source of ISIS authentication failure

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Mon Jul 1 13:41:41 EDT 2013

On (2013-07-01 10:31 -0600), John Neiberger wrote:

> This box is running 12.2(33)SRC code. The TAC engineer and I haven't really
> found a good way to find what we're looking for. I have found some debugs
> that confirm that we're having an authentication problem but they also
> don't show the source of the problem. Not even an interface.

I think best you can see is existence of auth TLV and its length 'show isis
database detail'. If this is not sufficient precision SPAN the
control-plane traffic over GRE to some linux PC and wireshark it, to see
exactly the bytes of the auth TLV.


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